Collaboration with a Private Equity Firm to Transform an Inefficient Technology Division

Client Background

The client specialized in compliance solutions and supply chain transparency. They recently had undergone a private equity takeover two quarters prior.

Industry: Private Equity

Location: USA

Service: Staff Augmentation


increase in output


increase in cost savings


increase in revenue

The Challenge

After a private equity takeover, an enterprise client in compliance solutions and supply chain transparency faced significant operational inefficiencies. Across departments, including IT, production output lagged and exceeded budget constraints. Novo Accel was enlisted to tackle these performance gaps and operational challenges, leveraging their specialized expertise.


  1. Streamline production output and operational efficiency across all departments, particularly IT, to mitigate budget overruns.
  2. Enhance internal and vendor performance benchmarks through strategic initiatives and process improvements.
  3. Implement scalable solutions to address immediate operational inefficiencies and performance gaps.
  4. Facilitate seamless staff transitions and knowledge management to ensure continuity and efficiency.
  5. Foster adaptability and agility in addressing evolving challenges and opportunities through regular strategic meetings.
  6. Develop a growth strategy to align technical and sales efforts, driving enhanced performance and alignment.


  • Initiated white-glove staff augmentation, deploying offshore engineering teams tailored to the client's needs.
  • Collaboratively designed a Universal Statement of Work (SOW), expediting onboarding and enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Implemented a Knowledge Repository to preserve critical data and best practices, ensuring seamless staff transitions.
  • Instituted regular strategy meetings to adapt to evolving challenges and opportunities swiftly and effectively.
  • Achieved holistic improvement in operational efficiency, elevating internal and vendor performance benchmarks.

Beyond the Basic: Next Step

  • Employed lean methodologies and data analytics to streamline workflows and address bottlenecks.
  • Leveraged international networks for diverse team formulation to meet enterprise-level demands.
  • Developed a growth strategy to synchronize technical and sales efforts for enhanced performance and alignment.

Technology Stack


Operational Efficiency Boost:

40% increase in production output, mitigating budget overruns and streamlining operations.

Performance Benchmark Elevation:

Elevated internal and vendor benchmarks, resulting in $200,000 in cost savings.

Scalable Solutions Implementation:

Implemented scalable solutions, reducing production delays and errors by 30%.

Seamless Knowledge Management

Reduced onboarding time and preserved critical data with a Knowledge Repository.

Agility and Adaptability:

Decreased response time to emerging issues by 55% through regular strategic meetings.

Aligning Tech and Sales:

25% increase in revenue, aligning technical and sales efforts for sustainable growth.